by Stuart Simpson

This insightful new book revisits ministry among Native Americans and highlights 5 keys that not only address the errors of the past, but as Native Americans rise up to fulfil their God-given destiny, will also facilitate more effective partnering with the non-native Church in order that God's Kingdom purposes might be realized.

TAKE COURAGE (a series of 4 books!)


by Michelle J. Simpson

Full of stories and anecdotes, along with biblical truth, this book will be a great source of help and encouragement to many.




by Stuart Simpson

This is the story about Stuart's close association with one of the most successful missionaries in the modern era, along with 20 key principles and lessons we can learn from Fraser's life and ministry, still applicable today.








 by Stuart M. Simpson

A unique pack of 25 Chinese characters with bi-lingual explanatory guide.

A great tool for anyone with Chinese friends and in ministry to Chinese!


By way of introduction, here is some background related to Protestant Christianity in China:

  • 1807 - first Protestant missionary, Robert Morrison, arrives in Guangzhou, China.  Translated the Bible into Chinese.  Later, Hudson Taylor (whom the Chinese Church consider to be their 'spiritual father') takes the gospel into the inland regions through the China Inland Mission.
  • 1949/1950s - As the Communists take over the government of the country, all foreign missionaries are expelled.  Christians in the West are unsure whether the Church in China will survive.
  • 1975 - Chairman Mao's wife states that Christianity is just a museum piece in China.  However, the reality is quite different.  During the 1970s, Christian communities develop in the countryside secretly, especially in Henan Province.  Chinese are trained and sent out to other provinces.  With the end of the Cultural Revolution, the government establishes the Three Self Church within China.
  • 1980s - great revival amongst peasant Christians and networks of house churches began to form covering all of China.  Foreign teachers came in and taught about the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • By 1990, Christians number some 40-50 million.
  • As China becomes more industrialized, Christianity is brought into the cities.  The greatest growth of the church in China today is taking place in urban areas.
  • By 2007, reports estimate the number of Christians to be 135 million.  This constitutes one of the greatest growth spurts in the history of Christianity.
  • In 20-30 years, China is predicted to be a world superpower.  It was recently named the largest economy in the world.  China has a key role in God's end-time purposes.  If the rate of church growth continues at the present rate, China will be 25-30% Christian in the next 2-3 decades!

...and some areas for prayer:

  • Spiritual openness within China.  The window of opportunity for spiritual receptivity might not be open indefinitely.  China today faces materialism, many distractions and the danger of spiritual apathy.  Whilst persecution is still in evidence there is a new threat rising up within the nation.  With increased wealth, spreading corruption, moral decline and the growing social and economic impact of the one-child policy (which has led to many spoiled 'little emperors'), all of these may profoundly affect the spiritual openness of the nation and the Church itself, especially the younger generation which hasn't experienced the challenges previous generations have been through.  It isn't possible to be lukewarm in the midst of persecution but when life is more 'comfortable', it can be more difficult to remain on fire for God and for the Church to remain on the spiritual cutting edge.
  • Christian engagement within all spheres of society.  The Great Commission encompasses the discipling of nations.  Evangelism within China will not be sufficient.  To avoid a repeat of what is in evidence in Africa (the most evangelised continent in the world), China must be discipled in all areas of society - such as the family, business, education, media, government, arts & entertainment.  God's Word must be applied to every area of life for kingdom influence and transformation.
  • Chinese missionaries.  There is the need for cross-cultural training to reach out to unreached minority peoples within China, and to unreached people groups overseas.  Out of 490 UPGs within China, the majority remain 'unreached' with the gospel.  According to the book, Operation China, 252 have 0% Christians.  Pray also for the Back to Jerusalem vision which many in China have embraced, to send 100,000 missionaries through the most closed nations of the world between China and Jerusalem.  This is a powerful vision but involves many practical challenges to see it outworked.
  • Chinese diaspora.  You can help support the Church in China not only through prayer but by reaching out to the Chinese diaspora, the overseas Chinese scattered all around the world!  A large number comprise Chinese students which totalled 180,000 during 2008.  This number is expected to increase to 300,000 by 2020.  This is a time of great opportunity God is providing to reach out to them and see them discipled effectively before they return to mainland China.  Many of these returnees will become people of influence and the future leaders of this newly emerging global superpower.  But did you know that the majority of international students are never invited into the home of their host nation?  Most never make a native friend from the new country they have come to.  Notwithstanding, 10% of returning students do so as Christian believers!  Grasp this window of opportunity through extending friendship and acts of kindness, hospitality, home-stays, helping them learn your native language, or inviting them to your church.