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by Stuart Simpson

This insightful new book revisits ministry among Native Americans and highlights 5 keys that not only address the errors of the past, but as Native Americans rise up to fulfil their God-given destiny, will also facilitate more effective partnering with the non-native Church in order that God's Kingdom purposes might be realized.


TAKE COURAGE (a series of 4 books!)


by Michelle J. Simpson

Full of stories and anecdotes, along with biblical truth, this book will be a great source of help and encouragement to many.




This is the story about Stuart's close association with one of the most successful missionaries in the modern era, along with 20 key principles and lessons we can learn from Fraser's life and ministry, still applicable today.








 by Stuart M. Simpson

A unique pack of 25 Chinese characters with bi-lingual explanatory guide.

A great tool for anyone with Chinese friends and in ministry to Chinese!


An Appeal Not to Forget to Revisit the Foundations!

There is a new movement developing here in the United States.  National Christian leaders are saying that God wants to birth a Third Great Awakening in the land, greater than anything the world has ever seen.  

A Third Great Awakening
Christian journalist and author Jennifer LeClaire writes of this coming revival and reformation in her book, The Next Great Move of God.  Author, teacher and speaker, Dutch Sheets, has also written about it in his book, An Appeal to Heaven.  He explains about a special flag that was used before the country was founded.  George Washington used a flag emblazoned with the words, Appeal to Heaven, on his navy ships to signal that their only hope against British rule and oppression was an appeal to heaven.  This slogan spread across the colonies, apparently becoming the battle cry of the nation.

It is believed that there was a direct connection between the First Great Awakening of the mid-1770s and the War of Independence that followed and the founding of the United States of America.  People began to rise up against British oppression and the attack on religious freedom.  Some leaders believe people need to rise up again for freedom as Christianity in America becomes increasingly under attack.  People are being encouraged to purchase their own Liberty Tree Flag and to display it outside or inside their homes (1) as a reminder of the need to turn to the Lord and bring change against seemingly insurmountable odds, and (2) as a powerful symbol of unity, just like the colonists did as they met under an evergreen tree in Boston to plan their response to British oppression.

There is therefore today a new stirring among Christians across the nation to once again come back to God in prayer for a Third Great Awakening.  This is good and is necessary, as everything starts with prayer.

There is also a push towards greater unity among God’s people, to stand together against evil and injustice.  Unity is definitely high up on God’s agenda for what He wants to do through His Church.  Jesus’ words in his prayer recorded in John 17 must be fulfilled.  To ignore them will not result in any sustainable move of God in this nation, or the nations of the world.

Clearly, there is a lot of excitement being created in anticipation of this next wonderful move of God.  We’ve had Toronto, we’ve had Brownsville/Pensacola, where next, Lord?  And this next one being greater than anything seen before…Wow!  Yes, bring it on, Lord!

A Critical Omission
However, in returning to the roots of awakening and the founding of the nation, I believe one very critical aspect is being overlooked.  The First People – the Native Americans of this land!

Soon after God began putting the First Nations peoples on our hearts, His message to us was simple – Revisit the Foundations!  Faulty foundations don’t disappear with time or ignorance.  As God seeks to advance His Kingdom on Earth, He will call on His people to address foundational issues that are not right for they continue to influence what is built in successive generations.  He wants a Kingdom that cannot be shaken (Heb. 12:27-28).  For that to happen, the foundations are crucial.  They have to be revisited, examined, and put right.  The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles.  But it was also established on the blood and oppression of the native peoples.  In fleeing British oppression, the early colonists in turn oppressed the people of the land they came to.  Even though the foundations may have been laid a few hundred years ago, the faults remain and the cracks have not disappeared.  We can get excited about a Third Great Awakening but not at the expense of ignoring the tragic legacy of the past.  It has to be addressed.  It is time to move over and let God dig out and re-establish foundations built on Him!  God is turning His face to the host nations of America. He is calling His people to understand, recognize and repent of historical and foundational wrongs and view and do things differently. 

 The idea that a people must reject their own culture and join another’s in order to fully obey and follow Jesus is one of the most foundational errors in mission strategy, and it is still going on today.  God wants recognition of the wrongs done, a spirit of humility and repentance among Western Christians and churches, and a heart to bring restoration.  It is vital for Native American people to see a loving Creator re-presented, a God who rejoices over who He has made them to be, and the beautiful aspects of their culture.  It is essential for them to be heard and their hearts to be healed.  It is vital that they be encouraged and empowered, and that leaders and missionaries are raised up from within their tribes.

Awakening of Native America
Evangelist Billy Graham’s prophetic word 40 years ago not to forget the Native Americans has largely been ignored.  However, the ‘Sleeping Giant’ of Native America is now waking up to its place in Christ.  God wants us to work with Him in what He is doing among native people through better representation, giving a voice, learning, affirming, empowering, and through reconciliation and partnership.  We must, therefore, ask the question:  As leaders pray and confer, what place, and what voice are the Native American Christian leaders being given in relation to this next Great Awakening? 

God has spoken prophetically that He is now stopping the momentum of heartache among the First Nations peoples.  He is stopping the momentum of disappointment, and the momentum of the covenants broken by the church and government.  God is awakening the hearts of the native people.  Something is about to happen.  While the country prays for revival, it must begin with the first people.  We must not just ask the question, but act in obedience to the voice of God.


Revisiting Foundations 4

A more detailed look at how certain church practices and liturgies have been adopted over time and can hinder the effective functioning of every believer.


Revisiting Foundations 3

A corrupted gospel and a spirit of control have been spread not only among indigenous peoples around the world but also in Western churches today.

If faulty foundations are left unaddressed, it's only a matter of time before cracks appear.  From the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago to the charismatic renewal of 1960s/70s, there still remain foundational areas that have not been tackled.  God wants to put these right now as He builds a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and set people free!


Revisiting Foundations 2

This podcast continues to look at the need to revisit foundations, specifically in relation to how church traditions disempower and prevent God's people from walking in true freedom and functioning in the way God intended.


Revisiting Foundations 1