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by Stuart Simpson

This insightful new book revisits ministry among Native Americans and highlights 5 keys that not only address the errors of the past, but as Native Americans rise up to fulfil their God-given destiny, will also facilitate more effective partnering with the non-native Church in order that God's Kingdom purposes might be realized.


TAKE COURAGE (a series of 4 books!)


by Michelle J. Simpson

Full of stories and anecdotes, along with biblical truth, this book will be a great source of help and encouragement to many.




This is the story about Stuart's close association with one of the most successful missionaries in the modern era, along with 20 key principles and lessons we can learn from Fraser's life and ministry, still applicable today.








 by Stuart M. Simpson

A unique pack of 25 Chinese characters with bi-lingual explanatory guide.

A great tool for anyone with Chinese friends and in ministry to Chinese!

Loren Cunningham

Pioneer in Mobilising Young People into Missions

From the time he was a young boy, Loren Cunningham wanted to tell the world about Jesus.He would dream about writing "God is Love" on the moon so that all the world's people would see it. Now in his seventies, Lorencontinues toinvest his life into reaching the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and still travels and speaks publicly in 30 to 40 nations a year.

Born in California in 1935, and into a family with a rich heritage of Christian ministry, Loren witnessed first hand his parents missionary work among the poor. They would preach in the streets and sometimes lived in a tent with boxes for furniture.

"Waves" of Young People
At age13, Loren sensed for the first timea call to world mission. Later, aged 20, while preparing to speak to about 200 young people during his first trip "overseas"in the Bahamas, Loren received a clear vision in his mind's eye of a huge map of the world. Soon it was covered with ocean waves beating on every shore and then suddenly the waves turned intofaces of young people flowing to every corner of the world and across every nation. The picture left as quickly as it had appeared but the vision remained with him as he wondered whether God had given him a glimpse of the future. If it was from God, why had it been given to him and what part was God asking himto play in sending waves of young people out around the world?

In 1958, Loren accepted an assistant pastoral position in an Assemblies of God church as the musical director, youth director, and Christian education director. Although he enjoyed the work, he had the nagging feeling that God was about to turn his life upside down, and the more he thought about his future, the more convinced he was that it had something to do with the waves of young people he had seen while praying in the Bahamas.

Youth With A Mission
In spite of an offer of a professorship at USC, Loren became increasingly convinced that God was wanting him to expose young people to overseas missions, and in thespring of 1960, he took his church's youth group of 105 young people to Hawaii. At the end of the year, Loren, along with his ministry partners, decided on the name Youth With A Mission and announcements were sent out to pastors. Three years later, Loren married Darlene and had 20 volunteers for YWAM teams which were being sent to the West Indies, Samoa, Hawaii, Mexico, and Central America. By 1966, there were6 otherfull-time YWAM staff andmany volunteers for the YWAM Summer-of-Service outreaches which had started two years before.

At the end of 1969, YWAM held its first training school, the School of Evangelism (whichlater become the present day Discipleship Training School), in a renovated and leased hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a total of 36 students. By the end of 1970, YWAM purchased the hotel and made it its first permanent location.

In the years to follow, other training schools were started in different parts of the world under the structure of the University of the Nations, in Kona, Hawaii. The concept of a YWAM global university was developed by Loren, along with a scientist and professor, Howard Malmstadt.

In the 1990s, YWAM achieved a minor milestone: Pitcairn Island became the last of the world's 229 countries for YWAM to establish a ministry presence in. Today, YWAM is the largest mission agency in the world with over 16,000 full-time staff, comprised of people from over 150 nations and numerous Christian denominations (nearly half of the staff coming from "non-western" countries), operating innearly 1,100 locations in 149 countries. In addition, every year some 20,000 people are sent into the world on short-term mission trips, sharing the gospel creatively such as through drama, music, and sports. For more than 25 years, YWAM's mercy ships have also brought doctors, nurses, and medical technology to needy people across the globe.

Whilst YWAM's initial focus was mobilising young people into short-term mission work, a totally new concept when YWAM started in the 1960s, but now internationally recognised and copied by many other churches and missionary organisations, most YWAM locations today conduct training programmes and short-term outreaches for people of all ages, including families, youth groupsand churches.

Literally into All the World
Loren has not only served as a catalyst for thousands of young people to be released into world mission, but he has also personally gone to every sovereign nation on earth, all dependent countries, and more than 150 territories and islands, for the sake of the Gospel! There is probably no other individual who has obeyed the command of Jesus Christ to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel..." as literally as Loren Cunningham.

Loren Cunningham - Into All the World, by Janet & Geoff Benge (YWAM Publishing, 2005)