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by Stuart Simpson

This insightful new book revisits ministry among Native Americans and highlights 5 keys that not only address the errors of the past, but as Native Americans rise up to fulfil their God-given destiny, will also facilitate more effective partnering with the non-native Church in order that God's Kingdom purposes might be realized.


TAKE COURAGE (a series of 4 books!)


by Michelle J. Simpson

Full of stories and anecdotes, along with biblical truth, this book will be a great source of help and encouragement to many.




This is the story about Stuart's close association with one of the most successful missionaries in the modern era, along with 20 key principles and lessons we can learn from Fraser's life and ministry, still applicable today.








 by Stuart M. Simpson

A unique pack of 25 Chinese characters with bi-lingual explanatory guide.

A great tool for anyone with Chinese friends and in ministry to Chinese!


KINGDOM MISSION - A Call to Disciple Nations (Concise & Kindle Editions)

Available from: https://www.amazon.com/Kingdom-Mission-Call-Disciple-Nations/dp/1547273003


While much has been written about the task of invading the kingdom of darkness to rescue those under Satan’s control and influence (what the authors refer to as Pioneer Mission), the task of occupation and establishing God’s Kingdom in the Earth has been largely overlooked.

Focusing on the 7 Elements of any kingdom, authors Peter Farmer and Stuart Simpson call on every Kingdom Citizen to live out a Kingdom Vision, essential in order to carry out the King’s Commission in the Earth.  In doing so, they take the reader through:

  • The reality of Jesus being King and His Kingdom coming to Earth today!
  • What it means to live out the King’s Constitution (both individually and as societies and nations)
  • The Places, Peoples, and Spheres which belong to the Domain of God’s Kingdom
  • The lost vision of the Church as the King’s governing Ekklesia, representing the King and putting into effect the Kingdom Constitution
  • The necessity for a return to a Kingdom economic system which will release apostolic workers and facilitate new innovations for societal transformation
  • How the Kingdom expands through new colonies and outposts, and restoring broken cities
  • What it means to live out Kingdom Citizenship.

"Careful! High voltage! This is a token of a new breed of books, written by a new breed of people.  Read, buy another 10, and sow it into Kingdom seekers everywhere." - Wolfgang Simson, author of The Constitution of the Kingdom, and The Re-invention of the World

"The authors seek to ignite genuinely apostolic movement...bring it on!" - Alan Hirsch, founder of Forge Missional Training Network and director of Future Travelers; author of The Forgotten Ways and The Permanent Revolution

"At last there is a comprehensive book out there dealing with the dynamics of the Kingdom of God.  This paradigm changing book needs to be read by all, especially those who are engaged or interested in advancing the Kingdom." - Victor Choudhrie, apostolic church planter and author of Greet the Church in Your House

"I welcome this well-documented, thought-provoking, vision-building, people-empowering, and action-inspiring contribution to  the re-shaping of the church in the 21st century, such that it can have a similar transformative impact on society now as it had in the first century." - John Coles, national director, New Wine, UK


KINGDOM MISSION VOLUME 1 - Recovering the Vision









KINGDOM MISSION VOLUME 2 - Outworking the Call














EMPOWERED!  Discovering Your Place in God's Story (Paperback & Kindle editions)

Available from: https://www.amazon.com/Empowered-Discovering-Your-Place-Story/dp/1291540008/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508174941&sr=1-1&keywords=empowered+discovering+your+place+in+god%27s+story

















Endorsements received for Stuart's book available from http://www.lulu.com/shop/stuart-simpson/empowered-discovering-your-place-in-gods-story/paperback/product-21258567.html

"The men of Issachar were the military scouts of Israel, who knew what God was doing through His people, but also understood what the enemy was up to and were able to report to God's people God's strategy for that season.  Stuart Simpson, a friend and co-worker in Christ's kingdom, is such a man today.  Having lived as a missionary with his wonderful family in three continents, and especially with his China experience, the author has a global perspective which he passes on to the reader in an interesting, informative, concise, yet powerful way in his book, Empowered!  It's a "must read book" for all who want to see Christ's Great Commission finished in this generation."
- Loren Cunningham, founder, Youth With A Mission

"I love this book!  Stuart Simpson's new book, Empowered!  Discovering Your Place in God's Story, is a must read for every follower of Jesus who is serious about their walk with God.  Stuart gives God's blueprint for each of us to find our place in fulfilling our God-given assignment as part of God's agenda, the Great Commission.  Riding the Fourth Wave shows us practially how every believer and every local community (church) of believers need to become missional in the way we live our lives.  The truths in this book will change the world!"
- Larry Kreider, DOVE International Director and author of over 30 books

"Empowered! is more than a "must read" for those interested in God's purpose for ALL His people.  It should be a book study in every evangelistically conscious and/or kingdom-oriented local church, and a text for students who want to understand God's mission in our world.
- Bob Moffitt, president, Harvest Foundation & Co-founder of the Disciple Nations Alliance

"Empowered! provides us with a thoroughly stimulating guide to help the church re-align itself around God's eternal purposes in Jesus.  Written with the view to world missions, it is applicable to the Western church as well.  A good read."
- Alan Hirsch, author/activist/dreamer (theforgottenways.com)

"Empowered! reflects the massive paradigm shifts in the global church, the peoples still to be reached, and methods and models of how to see effective mission and kingdom transformation.  Stuart's insights are timely and highly relevant for  everyone who wants to see all nations discipled and to engage the whole Church in mission.  We are living in a time of huge change and reading Riding the Fourth Wave will both inspire and challenge you.  For some it may raise some uncomfortable questions, while for others it will be a huge encouragement and endorsement of new ways of being church and of doing mission.  I will be recommending it as a "must read" to everyone involved in Kairos around the world."
- Linda Harding, International Executive Director of Kairos International, and European Director of World Outreach

"Stuart Simpson's book, Empowered!, is pointing both Christians who are committed to missions and the larger church to the future of the Church's engagement in the world."
- Darrow Miller, Co-founder, Disciple Nations Alliance, and author, LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day

"Stuart Simpson has provided us with a sweeping, cobweb-clearing vision of the ongoing movement of God, not only in the past, but as it is presently unfolding.  Christians in what is wrongly called "secular work", local church leaders, and mission boards need to let the message of this book disrupt traditional categories and point the way down a path so old it seems new."
- Larry Peabody, author, Serving Christ in the Workplace and Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work

"This book serves as a timely reminder to all that every Christian has a part to play to reach the world for Jesus.  It seeks to redefine missions, expanding the responsibility of evangelism to include EVERYONE!"
- Rev. Dr. Kong Hee, City Harvest Church, Singapore

"The first thing you need to know about this book is that it comes from an author with extensive mission experience...It's a very easy to read and practical book, with an appendix of tools to help you, including spiritual gifts questionnaires, personality tests and study questions.  This makes it a great workbook for anyone wanting to explore and work through God's call on their lives." - Mike Frith, Founding Director of OSCAR (full endorsement can be found here)



LOVE IS: The Gift of Love in India

“What is Love?” When this question is asked by a 21 year old English girl (our daughter, Rebecca) she finds herself plunged into the heart of Kolkata, India. It is there she becomes a part of extraordinary stories being written by the hand of Love itself. As she takes joyous gasps with new-borns, final breaths with the dying, and sheds tears of laughter and sorrow amidst pages of honest fears and hopes, she becomes acutely aware that love is much, much more than she could ever have imagined. In a captivating story of this girl’s journey, let Love guide you through these pages and onto the streets of India itself. May you see the vibrant colours, hear the ceaseless clatter, and smell the pungent odours; and amongst all this, may you find surprising answers to this very daring question.

Available from:  https://www.amazon.com/Love-Gift-India-Rebecca-Simpson/dp/0692478124/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508175227&sr=1-1&keywords=love+is+india+rebecca+simpson

A TOUCH OF TOGO: Hope Amidst Despair

Written by Rebecca, A Touch of Togo is a heart-wrenching, heart-warming journal of true stories, deep feelings and challenging experiences from a 19-year-old's outreach to the country of Togo where much of life has been reduced to raw poverty.  Through faith, courage and honesty, God is able to work in the heart of this young woman, and through her and the team, bring gentle rays of hope in the midst of despair.



plus p&p

Have you ever wished you could do something totally different with your life? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step out of the ordinary and into the......UNKNOWN?

This book, written from Michelle's (Julia James is her pen name) experiences of living in Asia, is for everyone who is interested in stepping out of the ordinary and into God, in whatever way He is calling. It is written for anyone who is interested in missions and obeying Jesus' command to GO. It may be that you are already involved. If so, we would like to share with you some experiences you may be able to relate to. It may be that you sense God is speaking to you about getting involved. We pray that this book will help you be inspired to follow His call and see some of the realities. It may be that reading this book is your first peek into missions. If so, you are at the beginning of an exciting adventure!

This is our story. Everyone's will be different. God called us to leave England and step into China. How God calls you to step out will be different to the way He called us. The important thing is that we hear and obey God. That's when we change, things happen and God is glorified!

(taken from the introduction)

Some feedback from those who have read the book...

"Thank you so much for your book - it inspired me so much and I know that the time has come for us to break out of the ordinary and go for what God has for us in retirement." R.W. - Primary Headteacher, Nottingham

"We read it and we cried through it...we wanted to buy more of your books for the rest of the team...we were extremely blessed by the contents." J. &K.S. - YWAM Ministry team leaders, England

"I liked the range of stories. Encouraging and inspiring." A.A. - Harpenden

"It should be compulsory reading for DTS (Discipleship Training School) students!" - E.J. - YWAM Nuneaton


HEALING AND HEALTH  £3.00 (US$5.00) + p&p


This teaching study, covering 8 lessons with group discussion and personal assignment sections, is an ideal introduction to the subject of divine healing and health. Lesson titles: Healing - is it God's Will? Jesus - God's Will Revealed, God's Medicine, Exposing Satan's Lies (1) & (2), An Opportunity to Reason or to Act, Receiving Your Healing, Keeping Your Healing. 70 pages.






In Luke 10:2, Jesus made a statement that has been repeated countless times by those with a heart for world mission:

"The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest."

Why, when the harvest set before us is so large, are the workers required to bring in the precious souls from the earth, so few?

This article, written by Stuart (under his pen name)highlights the reasons Jesus Himself gives just prior to making the statement, about how people respond to thte great harvest of souls in our world.






£3.50 per set of 6 designs (mixed or the same) with envelopes


 By Michelle (pen name - Julia James)


Grandma and Granddaughter hug

Many children in China spend a lot of time with their grandparents as both their parents go to work. Divorce is on the increase and family values are being forgotten as people seek material gain [wording on inside cover of card].






Deaf boy on the Stairs

Many deaf children in China have become deaf through the incorrect use ofmedicine.Training village health doctors can help this situation [wording on inside cover of card].








Little Chen and his doll

Little Chen has Down's Syndrome. Many handicapped children in China don't receive thecare they need and their parents are in need of help and encouragement [wording on inside cover of card].